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If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we managed to grow our business so fast.

Our story

Industrial Supply Cart is a B2B online platform to meet the supply requirements of Industries like Oilfield Supplies, Electrical Supplies, Mechanical Supplies, Renewable, Chemicals…etc, we welcome all the Material, Machine, Tools, and Equipment supplier from all over the world to join our online B2B platform to sell your products Globally, we allow 100% transparency here, your request for the product will reach directly in Email Inbox of your supplier, we don’t charge any commission here making industrialsupplycart.com world’s first Truly free trading platform, Our offices are located in Singapore, Indonesia, USA, UAE and India, we employee 200 professionals to work in backend keep industrialsupplycart.com functioning.

Oilfield Supplies:

We have started our career as major equipment, machine, and tool supplier in the Oilfield industry by supplying BOP, Mud Washer, Drill Bit, Downhole Tools, Fishing Tools…etc globally, later we extended into many businesses related to hardware and software, we have achieved greater growth in our business using the online media and advertising, serving in Oilrig industry for more than 15 years create greater business relation with Oil Rigger worldwide, we have been supplying High-Quality Machine and tools from well Known manufactures like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, Transocean, Saipem, Petrofac..etc

Since 2016 we have entered into the field of IT and came up with the idea to connect all Industrial Hardware suppliers to digitally bring sellers and buyers under one major platform to exchange their businesses with 100% transparency.


After getting Major success in Oilfield Supplies, we have extended our business in Supplying Industrial Electrical Products like Industrial Lighting, Switches and Hub, Breakers, Wires, Panel Board..etc and now we want all other industrial Electrical suppliers to connect on Industrial supply cart to sell their products globally and to reach a wider audience, we follow 100% transparency business policy, here a buyers request for quote goes directly into the inbox of sellers email without any intervention of industrial supply cart, 100% transparency business policy allow us to be the most trusted online B2B eCommerce platform without any Infringement to your privacy policy.


Industrial supply cart connects Industrial Machine and Tools Suppliers globally to meet the industrial machine and tools needs of all Mini and Major Factories around the world, to accomplish this we have provided a 100% transparency B2B eCommerce platform to become the largest online trading platform, to remove service and hidden charges to trade online, to bring opportunity to all Mini to Major Machine and Tool manufacturer to reach a global market at zero cost, industrial supply cart aims to become the biggest B2B eCommerce Mechanical supplier.


Industrial supply cart believes “The future exists in Renewable energy” Hence we support green and clean energy, since 2015 we have supplied solar panels globally to thousands of Offices, Mini and Major Factories contributing in the reduction of the global Carbon footprint but we have been limited by our product capacity hence we welcome all renewable energy solution provider in industrial supply cart to supply the needs of solar panels worldwide, join with our Green energy plan to reduce global carbon footprint along with industrial supply cart and become the part of Renewable energy user.


Industrial Supply cart has been supplying chemicals to most of the major pharmaceuticals in India, and now we invite chemical supplies traders to join our online platform to supply chemicals globally to a wide range of industries.

100% Business Transparency Policy 

As per the industrial supply cart 100% Business Transparency Policy we will allow the seller to quote price for buyers and send it to their email inbox directly and the industrial supply cart website acting as a B2B eCommerce platform to connect those who want to find the best product in best price and those who want to sell their products locally and internationally, as per this policy we will not charge you anything for using our online B2B platform, and we don’t own or manufacture any product available on our B2B eCommerce site, every product here is either manufacture by new and local manufacturer or manufactured by major industries and sold by retailers to a global audience. 

Let us connect online to meet the global supply needs.

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